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Manchmal ist das Leben ein Balanceakt.

Wir verstehen die Herausforderungen eines schnelllebigen Lebens – es erfordert viel Energie und gibt uns manchmal das Gefühl, Zeit zu verschwenden, die sinnvoller eingesetzt werden könnte. Reisen mit dem Business Jet bedeutet in erster Linie einen sorgfältigen Umgang mit Ihrem wertvollsten Gut: Ihrer Zeit.


Take off to a world beyond

We understand the challenges of a fast-paced life and work to give you back one of your most valuable assets: time. Traveling via private jet saves you both time and stress. We’re here to accommodate your travel needs any day any time. Let us take all the stresses of travel away, so you can arrive relaxed at your destination.

Private Jet Charter

Flying with Avcon Jet enables you to optimize your travel plans through our flexible booking process. Whether you’re flying for work or for pleasure, we’ll get you where you need to be, when you need to be there in the most relaxing way possible. We have access to an array of private jets for you to choose from with international flight availability. Plus, a 24/7 customer service to help you with anything you might need along your journey. We also offer carbon offset options for all of our charter flights.

Our charter customers also benefit from other services such as transfer services, accelerated security checks, and careful baggage handling by our flight crew. We are also able to assist you with any other special requests you may have. Visit our flight request page or send us an email to and book your next trip today.

Global 6000
Global 6000

Book your flight with us today!


a state-of-the-art fleet of different aircraft types that is among the youngest worldwide.


we offer flights to all 7 continents, including Antarctica, which we are the first and only operator to offer flights to. 


we collected in 2022 including 15.000 flights.

Private Jet Charter FAQs

What is private jet charter?

Chartering a private jet means getting all the benefits of private air travel without the responsibilities of owning an aircraft. When you charter, you are simply renting a jet for personal or business travel. Choosing the private option allows you to take advantage of an array of options that aren’t possible when traveling with a commercial airliner. In some cases, chartering can also mean a shorter and more cost-effective trip.

How much does it cost to charter a private jet?

Costs for chartering a private jet are charged per hour and can vary according to the aircraft model, time of year, pickup location, and final destination. The price to fly with Avcon Jet typically ranges from 2,000 EUR to 10,000 EUR an hour. Our years in the industry allow us to acquire and offer cost advantages that our competitors can’t.

What are the benefits of private jet travel?

Flying with Avcon Jet enables you to optimize your travel plans, giving you flexibility and time you can use for work or relaxation on board. You can benefit from a number of things with private jet charter, including – 

  • Accelerated security checks
  • Careful baggage loading
  • VIP Catering
  • In-flight service custom to fit your needs
  • Flights to remote destinations 
  • Privacy via VIP terminals

What different types of jet options exist?

The Avcon Jet fleet consists of more than 100 aircraft in a range of models. Our jets all offer the highest level of luxury comfort on the market. From small-scale 4-seaters to large-scale 15-seaters, we’ve got you covered. The Citation XLS, Gulfstream G550, and Embraer Legacy 600 are just a few of our most popular models available for charter. Our jets are prepared to take you anywhere in the world as our fleet is stationed all around the globe. Additionally, we have Air Operator Certifications (AOC) in Austria, Malta, San Marino, South Africa, and many more.

What are empty legs?

Empty legs are a great option for anyone searching to travel privately at a lower cost. These hops are for repositioning purposes and fly from one pre-defined point to another without any passengers onboard. Because these flights are for repositioning, they are usually only available last minute and are everchanging. However, the price of an empty leg flight is what makes it all worth it. Prices for empty legs depend on the route and type of jet, but are always discounted, allowing you to potentially get up to 75% off the original flight cost.

What other services do we offer?

Avcon Jet Concierge can assist you with any of your travel wants and needs outside the aircraft. From transfer services and hotel booking to exclusive tours and event tickets, our Concierge service complements any private jet charter booked with us. Some of our most exciting offers come from our partnerships – including Antarctica missions, Southern Africa safaris, stays in luxury Venetian hotels, and private yacht charter. With Avcon Jet Concierge, your wish is our demand.

Can I offset the carbon emissions of my flight?

Yes, we offer a Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) Program that allows you to offset the carbon emissions of your flight up to 80%. All you have to do is choose one of our four SAF options, 10%, 35%, 100%, or 125%. When you choose to fly with one of these offset options you will receive a certificate in return outlining the specific offsets of your flight. Flying with SAF is currently the most sustainable option for air travel and we highly recommend it for all of our charter customers. 

Why fly with the Avcon Jet Jet Card?

The Avcon Jet Jet Card allows you to purchase block hour packages of 25 hours, 50 hours, or 75 hours. The number of hours you purchase can then be used for future charter flights you may take.  With our Jet Card you receive an array of benefits and advantages, including:

  • All-inclusive fixed hourly rates
  • Guaranteed 24/7 jet availability
  • A personal sales manager dedicated to handling your requests
  • A flexible cancellation policy